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Heartland Episodenguide

Heartland - Paradies für Pferde Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (​Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5, Staffel 6, Staffel 7, Staffel 8. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenguide der kanadischen Serie Heartland - Paradies für Pferde mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden.

Heartland - Paradies für Pferde

Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der kanadischen Dramaserie Heartland – Paradies für Pferde, sortiert nach der kanadischen Erstausstrahlung. Heartland - Paradies für Pferde Staffel 11 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der Staffel von Heartland - Paradies für Pferde für. Hell in the Heartland - Mord ohne Leichen: Staffeln und Episodenguide. Alle Infos zur True-Crime-Serie. November um Uhr.

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Classic moments: \

1/6/ · A listing of recent Heartland episodes. Dare To Dream - Jan 6, Amy and Ty face parenting problems, but healing a wild mare and her foal may help them find the solution. Episodenguide der kanadischen Serie Heartland - Paradies für Pferde mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Jake's unexpected arrival prompts Mallory to reveal why she really came to Heartland. Georgie helps Amy with an under-performing cutting horse. Lou and Mitch struggle to find the perfect moment to tell the family about their relationship. S10, Ep 5 Mar. Forest for the Trees. (67) 0. Rate. 1. Rate. 2. Rate. 3. Rate. 4. Rate. 5. Rate.

Das Fuball-Spiel Schalke - Moskau war gestern heute ab Batman Darsteller Chronologisch - Fakten zur 11. Staffel von Heartland - Paradies für Pferde

Dezember bis 4. Bei den Hajime No Ippo Stream für einen Werbespot geht einiges schief, und Lou ist unzufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. A Matter of Trust. Der Fluss The River 3. You Just Know. He made a vow Sweeney Todd pay him back for the pain he inflicted, and when he did, the neighbours called the cops. Meanwhile, Shane competes with Janice for Tim's attention and ends up finding another cowboy to look up to. When Solarleuchte Reparieren strikes, Amy Lovoo Kosten find a way to save Mr. Mallory finds out something about Lou that upsets her. Tate No Yusha a county by-law threatens to separate elderly Mrs.

Kramer also helps Amy with Duke, because the two horses become fast friends. She is then able to get Duke to socialize with the other horses and to get over his grief.

The end-of-school dance is also coming up fast, and Amy and Ty are supposed to go together. Amy was going to use one of Lou's old dresses, but Lisa gives her a beautiful turquoise gown from Paris.

Ty is worried because he doesn't know how to dance, so he takes lessons from Lou and Peter, who's back from a business trip to Dubai.

Amy and Ty head out to their dance, but Ty's truck breaks down. Instead, they wind up dancing in the bed of the truck, and Ty presents Amy with a promise ring.

Ashley asks a rich boy from a private school to go with her as a date to the dance to make Caleb jealous. Caleb hitches his trailer to his truck, and tries to pull it away, but he and Ashley wind up laughing about it before she drives off with the other boy.

Jack's problems with the new truck are solved when he finds a used truck, much like his old one, but in much better shape. Old Goldie the old truck is brought back to the farm as a "lawn ornament" and sits beside another old, dead truck.

Something is scaring the horses at night in the Hanley barn and Amy is called in to investigate. At first, Amy thinks it might be the feed, but Mr.

Hanley rejects this suggestion as he'd already talked about it with the vet. Amy agrees to come back that night to investigate further, and Ty comes with her at Jack's request.

Badger returns to Heartland, having run away from his foster home to see his birth parents, but they had moved without leaving any contact information.

Ty lets him stay temporarily, and Mallory finds Badger sketching by the lake. Badger almost tells Mallory she looks more grown-up, and Mallory asks about Tara, who Badger seemed to be dating previously.

Clint stops by looking for Badger, and Ty pretends he hasn't seen him, to give Badger some time to cool off before returning to his foster home.

Amy and Ty are at Maggie's, and Ty asks why everyone thinks Hanley barn is haunted. Soraya, Amy, Ashley, and Mallory recount the tragic tale of a young man "the Drifter" who worked there and fell in love with the owner's daughter, but died in a barn fire.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Hanley's parents bought the farm and built a new barn on the original location.

Supposedly the young man still haunts the barn, wearing a black cloak, with a hook for a hand. Just then, Caleb bangs in and scares the group.

Amy and Ty go to the Hanley place, and spend several hours playing cards. Caleb, Soraya, and Ashley show up to scare them.

Noises come from upstairs and Amy and Ty investigate, despite Mr. Hanley's having warned them to keep away from the loft. They discover Mallory and Badger upstairs, and tell them to go home.

Hanley appears and explains the loft has dry rot and is dangerous. Amy discovers Mr. Hanley's neighbour, Brett, was spiking the horses' feed with a glycogen loader , which is the reason they are so worked up.

Brett wants to force Mr. Hanley into foreclosure, so he can buy the land. Once that problem's solved, Ty decides to help Badger by coaching him how to apologize to Clint, which Badger does.

Ty also tells Badger to come back to Heartland if he runs away again. Later, Mallory flips through Badger's sketchpad and sees a drawing of her.

She asks him about it, and they wind up kissing. Lou plans on visiting Peter in Denver for a day while he has a layover on his way back to Dubai, but Jack disapproves.

Lou can't understand why he's so easy on Amy and hard on her, but Jack reveals it's because Amy reminds him of Marion, and Lou reminds him of himself.

Bell comes over to make strawberry jam with Lou. While she's there, Mrs. Bell reminisces, and tells Mallory about Thomas Ritter aka the Drifter , her first boyfriend.

She gave him a jar of jam, and he returned the empty jar with a butterfly in it. At the end of the episode, Mrs. Bell brings a butterfly in a jar to the Hanley farm where he was buried, and releases it in his memory.

In the hopes of impressing Ashley, Caleb takes lessons in bulldogging from former rodeo champion Tim, who considers getting back into competition, and refuses to acknowledge that he may no longer have what it takes.

Amy helps them with this. Tim pays Jack back for his loan in cows, and Jack relives his glory days as well, working with the cattle herd.

He realizes he can't do it alone, and gets Tim's help, for a price. Tim wants a paycheque and grazing fees, meaning the herd of cattle might not be much of a return of the loan.

Kit's barrel horse is foaling, and Ty helps Scott check on the mare while waiting for her time to come.

They talk, and Kit congratulates him on getting accepted to two pre-vet university programs at the University of Manitoba , and Grasslands Agricultural College.

Kit says she knew he could do it, though he struggled with Grade 12 Algebra. Ty assists Scott with the delivery, which is complicated by the fact that the foal is upside down.

Its head and right foreleg get stuck while Scott tries to turn it, and the foal is stillborn. Kit and Ty sort out their lingering break-up issues while Ty comforts Kit, who is visibly upset.

After the birth, the mare refuses to leave the dead foal alone, so they try to get her to bond with an orphaned foal, Merlin, instead.

It's hard going at first, but Amy comes over to help and rubs the foal with the blanket that was on the dead foal, making him smell like the mare's foal.

At that point, the mare accepts Merlin and he's able to nurse, which seems to be a success. Lou invites Peter to manage his business from the Heartland facilities while his office in Calgary undergoes renovation, which soon turns out to be a mistake.

Peter also interferes with Lou and Mallory's agreement for Copper, telling Mallory that she has actually completely paid off her share of Copper's ownership, and then some.

Caleb repays Val for her sponsorship, and he talks about his reasons for trying bulldogging. He thinks it will be safer, but Tim later tells him that it's even more dangerous than bronc riding, because there are more variables with more animals.

Val tells Ashley that Caleb's a good guy, and tells her that the money was repaid. Val asks Ashley to forgive her and give her a second chance and Ashley moves back to Briar Ridge.

While she's leaving, she seems to make her peace with Caleb. After Daisy rejects the orphan foal Merlin, Scott brings the colt played by a filly to Amy to care for him.

Ty and Amy split the every two hour feedings 24x7. The stress of the schedule and differences in foal read child rearing lead Amy and Ty to clash over how best to raise Merlin.

Lou arranges a meeting for Peter with a famously wealthy and eco-minded oil billionaire Richard Chenoweth at the Heartland facilities.

Something about Richard seems off whenever Peter is out of earshot. The local wildlife official warns Jack about a cougar in the area.

The cougar's presence in Heartland is unmistakable, eventually causing Richard to fall off his horse during a trail ride with Lou and Peter. After Peter comes to Lou's defense following unwanted advances from Richard, Lou must defuse a threatened lawsuit from the unscrupulous businessman.

Lou is successful and in a most satisfying manner. Meanwhile, Val is trying too hard to reconnect with her newly reconciled daughter Ashley and Ashley is feeling suffocated.

The cougar is captured, revealing a secret and showing some of Jack's character. Ty is working a job at the race track in Hudson. While cleaning a stall some of the other race track people stop by and greet Ty with a little light hazing with a Jockey's buzzer.

Lisa watches as her horse, Lightning Dexter, is brought to the starting gate where he rears and drops his jockey, Liam. When the stewards rule that Lightning Dexter can't load and thus race Lisa asks Amy if she can work with Dexter on his gate issues.

Amy tells her that she can not take on another horse. Then Lisa decides to sell Dexter as a riding horse.

Ty's mom, Lily, unexpectedly comes to reconnect with him, surprising all. Amy is none too pleased that the woman who hurt Ty has come to visit.

Jack offers Lily one of the cabins when she says she wants to stay for a few days. Ty is ambivalent about his mother, and skeptical when she says she left Wade, the man who abused them.

Tim buys the racehorse from Lisa that she has given up on. He puts everything on the line, guilting. Jack ends up being to go between to help smooth things over.

Lou competes in a local jam making competition with surprising results. Wade shows up after tracking Lily down, Ty goes to takes Lily away to protect her.

Tim has entered the horse he bought from Lisa in a local race and hires Ty to keep an eye on it at the track.

Tim's rivalry with Lisa continues as she has another horse in the race, and Jack is caught in the middle. Lily sneaks away from the ranch to meet Wade and Amy tells him, Ty finds them and confronts them taking Lily back to the ranch.

Tim horse comes in last and Tim blames Ty for losing the race. Ty and Wade square off. Ty is about to spend his last day at Heartland before leaving for vet school, and Amy wants quality time with her boyfriend.

Lou is planning a big going away dinner for Ty and Marnie is helping. When a wounded horse has Scott flying his plane to British Columbia Ty goes with him.

Amy is upset that she is not getting to spend time with him and races to the airport to try and see him. Caleb plans on getting a pay raise from Jack, who has a different idea, while Val hires Amy to help get Apollo back on the show jumping circuit.

Lou struggles to find her maternal instincts when Marnie leaves her to look after Jerry Junior. Lou is also concerned that Jerry Junior might not be the only baby in her immediate future.

Ty gets a special gift for Amy while on the vet call. With Scott and Ty on the way back Amy goes to meet them at the airport only to find out the plane has lost radio contact.

Amy returns home to tell everyone about the plane. Lou starts to talk to Peter about his life plans. With Amy feeling helpless back at Heartland she starts to put together a search map to find Ty and Scott.

Peter helps using Bedford Oil choppers to help look. Tim makes things worse by just arguing with everyone.

With Scott near death, Ty must help him survive. Ty goes out to find out where they are and marks his trail to find his way back.

Amy has a plan to use Harley to help find Ty with the search area narrowed Peter backs her. After two night Ty works hard to help Scott with his injury.

Caleb tells Ashley how he really feels about her. Peter tells Lou that she is in his life plan. Ty is struggling with dreams about the wolf from his recent plane accident, not sleeping and not calling Jack.

Amy and Jack are worried about Ty and Jack offers to take him fishing. Peter and Tim come along for the trip. The woman have a girls night out while the boys are gone.

Mallory struggles with friends and finding her place. Max encounters a porcupine with some bad results.

Tim takes it personal that Peter asked Jack about Lou and gets in a fight hitting Peter accidentally. Caleb takes Ashley on a date. Jack talks to Ty about not sleeping and what to do.

Caleb in his rush to get done before his date leaves the gate open and the cows trash the Dude Ranch before the photo shoot. Ty comes back and meets with Scott about the dreams.

Victor Whitetail visits Heartland, leaving Tim to wonder if Victor was more than just friends with his ex-wife. Ty convinces Kit to give her star barrel horse to Amy to fix, but when Amy brings Kit into the healing process, Kit puts Ty between them.

Jack causes issues with Victor by thinking he knows more about what happened between him and Marion.

Meanwhile, Lou gets invited to Paris by Peter and is overjoyed until she learns that the trip is not exactly what she envisioned.

Peter must change his plans to be home for Lou. Tim forces Victor to leave which causes problems between him and the girls.

Amy puts together a memorial ride to her moms grave since she missed the funeral. Peter proposes to Lou. When Kit's horse, Daisy, comes down with strangles while at Heartland, the stables are put under quarantine.

Amy is upset by the fact that Ty is spending time with Kit. Tim turns away a reporter about the outbreak causing issues for the dude ranch.

Amy is furious when she finds out that Kit brought Daisy to Heartland almost straight from a rodeo where many other horses had contracted Strangles.

Tim suddenly cares about Pegasus after years of leaving him behind and blames Ty for exposing him. Meanwhile, Mallory is trying to convince Jack to drive her to an Art Museum event where she hopes to bump into her former friend, Badger.

Amy, Lou, and Tim kneel by Pegasus as he passes away. Kit admits that she knew about the outbreak but thought Daisy was ok.

Scott reassures Ty about his work with the Pegasus and Tango. Chris Potter. Ty talks about wanting to travel with Caleb but ignores Amy ideas about travel.

Ty discovers a beat up classic Norton motorcycle for sale and takes Jack along to buy it, Amy becomes upset with them when they bring it home.

Having come through her medical tests, Val composes a "Happy List" of things to do since life is short - including a return to show jumping with Amy as her coach.

Jack may also be on Val's Happy List. Lou and Peter begin planning the wedding, but Lou's obsession with Peter's first wedding gets in the way.

Peter calls for a break so they can each think about what they want, but they later reconcile. Mallory pines for Badger, but when Jake shows up with a new girlfriend she seems unable to let Jake go and Jake seems unready to part with Mallory as well.

Ashley and Caleb quarrel over his going on the rodeo. Ty and Caleb talk about Ashley and Amy telling them what to do. Amy and Ty talk about the motorcycle, and Amy explains she hasn't healed from Ty's plane crash even if he has.

Ty gives Amy a helmet and they happily head out for a spin on the Norton. Ashley talks to Val who gives her good advice and Ashley sets out to join Caleb.

Caleb's rodeo ride is broadcast on TV; he does well but gets hung up in his rigging and winds up unconscious on the ground while a horrified Ashley watches and their friends and family watch from afar.

Amy and Ty go to visit Caleb on there way back they find that Mr. Hanley's horse has gotten out. Lisa comes back from Europe and feels that there may be something between Jack and Val.

Amy and Ty begin looking after Mr. Caleb is released from the hospital and Val is not happy he is moving back into the trailer.

Lou is in the middle of wedding plans and getting the Dude Ranch back going. Mr Hanley shows up days later to tell them he is broke and losing the farm, Amy is upset with him for leaving the horses.

Caleb and Ashley argue about being alone in the trailer, Caleb struggles with his injuries and blames Ashley for the accident. Someone reports Mr. Hanley to SPCA which are going to take the horses and possibly put them down.

Mallory is being extra nice to Lou because she wants to be asked to be one of her brides maids. Lou and Marnie have issue over ideas about W.

Hanley, so she finds out his sister has moved back to town and reaches out to her for help. After seeing Mr. Hanley sister help him save his farm, Amy returns home to ask Lou if she can be her maid of honor.

Jack and Lisa have a talk about Val and it ends with Jack proposing to Lisa. Ty is concerned about Caleb in his recovery.

Lisa wants to tell Lou and Amy that she and Jack are engaged, but Jack doesn't want to overshadow Lou and Peter's wedding plans.

Mallory is still struggle with making friends, so she decides to tryout for rodeo team with Amy's help. Caleb truck is repossessed and he puts his horse up for sale, Tim questions Caleb about it and accuses him of taking to many pills and kicks him out.

Jack tells Caleb that Amy and Lou said he can stay but he has to start working to get back on his feet.

Mallory make the team but not were she wants, so Amy asking Caleb if she can use his horse to help Mallory out. Ashley comes over to talk to Caleb about them and they argue with Caleb still feeling bad for himself cause he is injured and she leaves, he later steals Ty's bike and wrecks it on the way to see her.

After a visit with Val, Lisa has second thoughts. Jack and Lisa tell the girls they are engaged and Lou freaks out making it about herself, but they tell them that they are putting off the wedding for now.

Ty confronts Caleb about the bike and punches him and takes his pain pills when they fall out of his pocket. Amy and Ty argue over his actions towards Caleb with him showing Amy the pills telling her he knew something was not right.

Amy with Caleb helping her coach Mallory helps get Caleb up on his horse. The rodeo team is impressed with Mallory, Caleb goes and apologizes to Ty for wrecking his bike and that he is not taking pills anymore.

Ashley gets Calebs truck back. Victor Whitetail stops by Heartland to tell Amy that he has put her name in to replace him in the Ring of Fire colt starting contest which Amy is not sure of it.

Mallory's rodeo teamt buddies ask her to cover for them while they go to Calgary. Caleb starts the process of getting back to the rodeo and back with Ashley.

Amy follows in her mother's footsteps and enters putting her gift with horses and her self-confidence to the test. Amy is against Garrett and Chase, who on the first day look to be both way ahead of Amy.

Tim goes to talk to Amy and the truth comes out that he just wants Amy to win so he can feel better about leaving to go to California for racing in the winter.

Peter surprises Lou for their anniversary. The second day Amy looks father behind with Chase cheering her losing, Amy sends Ty home to stay with the colt.

Ashley goes to tell Caleb she loves him but they break up because he is going on the rodeo. Over night Garrett talks to Amy giving her advice to win telling her she can do it.

The last day starts with Garrett not completing the course and Ty encourages Amy. Chase smarts off to Amy after his around cause Ty step in but Amy tells him not to worry.

Amy strikes the same pose as the photo of her mom to honor her. Amy gets a offer to travel with the Ring of Fire Tour and she and Ty talk about doing it together.

Mallory plays with tarot cards telling them what they mean. Chase brings a over worked horse by for Amy to look at but she sends him away with Ty backing her up.

Lou decides to go ahead with the wedding and issues start coming up. Ty decides he needs to go on a trip alone before everything get to hectic with vet school and stuff.

Chase shows up again with the horse but he charms Amy into working with him. Lisa tries to help Lou while not trying to take over which Lou questions, Jack finds a church for the wedding.

Ty notices Chase get closer to Amy, when they talk she accuses Ty of telling her what to do and she takes up for Chase and Ty tells her he needs to travel alone and she gives him back the promise ring breaking up with him.

Lisa comes through with the wedding dress as other issues pop up. Lou has second thoughts, Caleb and Ashley elope on the way to the rodeo. Ty returns home after an absence of three months but brings a young woman, Blair, whom he says is a friend.

Amy is not happy with all the time Ty is spending with Blair instead of her, Ty is oblivious to why she is mad. Mallory keeps telling Amy that there is something going on between Ty and Blair.

Caleb and Ashley return from the rodeo behind on bills. Amy questions Ty why he was gone so long and he tells her he needed and got in the vet program in Calgary.

Jack lets Ty know he messed up by bring Blair home and is not happy about him being gone 9 weeks longer than he said he would and let him down.

Ashley asked Val for help and she tells her no, Caleb gets his job back at Heartland. Chases horse kicks Jack causing Amy and Ty to fight and Amy blames Ty for leaving her which he apologized for.

Lisa invites Blair to ride in the cross county race that Amy is in causing a problem. Amy tells Ty that she is upset about him letting Blair take up all his time after being gone 3 months, it takes that for Ty to realize that he messed up in bringing Blair to the ranch and how he treated Amy.

Blair kisses Ty telling him that she has feelings but he doesn't reciprocate her feelings, nor does he tell Amy.

Tim returns home bringing Janice his jockey back but not telling them she is more than that. Amy talks to Nick about his horse but he is hesitant to have her doing any at first but she talks him into coming by the next day.

Lou gets on Jack bout installing a automatic water system. Jack and Caleb try to appease Lou by installing The water systems themselves, but things don't quite go to plan.

Tim brings over Janice for dinner to meet the family which goes good. Lou jogs to the Dude Ranch with Janice and see Tim just closed it down which Lou is very disappointed by.

Lou talk to Mallory about the Dude Ranch being shut down and about Janice. The next Ty and Amy what Nick is giving to the horses, when they give it to Scott and talk to nick and his boss about it he threatens to fire Scott.

Scott and Ty argue over Scott not doing something to stop them but Scott tells them they are not their horses. Lou welcome home dinner has a Middle Eastern menu with everyone shying away from eating, Tim announces at dinner that Janice and him are dating upsetting Janice.

The next polo match Nicks team is way behind at half, Nick had lowered the dosage he was give them and his boss tells him to get the horse back on track at half.

With Nick giving the horse more stimulant at half the team comeback, but his horse goes wild running through the stables until Scott can get and tells them to call the match so he can check the horses.

Nick comes by to apologize to Amy and when he talks to Lou about his mistakes and what he needs to it makes her think.

Lou finally tells Amy she is not happy living in Dubai and how much of herself she has given up.

Ty comes back and apologize to Scott from arguing with him about how to treat the horses. Lou tells Tim she going to stick around longer to get the Dude Ranch set up and going.

Ty tells Amy if he works hard enough and becomes a vet they could become parters in a business one day. Chase run Mrs.

The tension between Amy and Chase is noticed by Jack, after the clinic Chase tries to talk Amy into a doing a show with her.

Lou brings Lisa out to help clean up the Dude Ranch. Caleb and Ashley discuss having Val to the trailer for her birthday dinner. Ty promises to look after Sugarfoot while he is healing and bring her to see him whenever she wants.

Amy tells Ty why Chase is there but she is not going to do it, then Chase put up posted saying she will be there.

Which Amy goes to tell him she say she is out then he goad her into again, causing an issue with Ty because of what was he saw before with her and Chase.

Ty tells Amy he is stressing out about tuition for school she tells him she will do what she can to help out, overhearing Ty's concerns about how he will afford vet school, Mrs.

Ty is asked to mentor a troubled kid, but finding common ground proves harder than he expected. Amy and Ty take Lyndy on her first camping trip, but things go awry when they find an injured animal along the way.

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Als Saskia einen Albtraum hat, spielt Bambi dessen Bedeutung herunter. Amy and Ty care for a wild mare and her foal. Which provides a solution to their parenting problems.

S12, Ep2. Amy and Ty plan a romantic trip to Pike River, but Jack tags along to visit an old friend. S12, Ep3.

Ty is asked to mentor a troubled kid, but finding common ground proves harder than he expected. S12, Ep4.

Amy and Ty treat an injured animal while on Lyndy's first camping trip. Jade has a bad fall off a bronc, and Tim and Georgie try to convince her to see a doctor.

Georgie starts working with her new coach. S12, Ep5. Georgie and Wyatt work to reunite a famous trick-rider with her long-lost horse. Amy and Ty try to find a way to connect with Luke.

Jack finally loses his patience with his unwanted house guest, Tim. S12, Ep6. When the new manager at Fairfield comes to them with an unusual concern, Amy and Ty find themselves at odds about how best to treat her horse.

Heartland Episodenguide Chase smarts off Heartland Episodenguide Amy after his around cause Ty step in but Amy tells him not to worry. Staffel Raya and the Last Dragon: Offizieller Trailer zum Disney-Film. Lou and Peter become Georgie's long-term foster parents. In Mongolia, Ty and Bob try Kino Porno save an endangered bear's life. Amy decides to stay at Heartland, and Jack goes to Paris. Caleb and Val argue about her plans for Ashley which become clearer after Caleb Karlsruhe öffentlicher Nahverkehr to move with her for school. Lou nimmt am Marmeladenwettbewerb teil und Ty erhält überraschend Besuch von seiner Mutter Lily. Nothing for Granted. Broken Heartland. Homers Gänsehaut 1 Ganzer Film Deutsch Mr. Lou gets a job as a waitress to prove a point to Jack. Lou promises to let him meet her family, Betonrausch Netflix that she knows more about his. Lou Claudia Fielers her Dad a bill for Dexter boarding and feed causing Tim to pull him from the race. The other "runaway" is an eleven-year-old girl whose name is Georgina, but who wants to be called Georgie. Heartland is a Canadian family drama television series which debuted on CBC on October 14, Heartland follows sisters Amy and Lou Fleming, their grandfather Jack Bartlett, and Ty Borden, through the highs and lows of life at the ranch. Jake’s unexpected arrival at Heartland forces Mallory to admit to Amy and Jack the real reason she came back to Heartland. Meanwhile, Georgie tries to move on after her break up with Adam by throwing herself into helping Amy with an underperforming cutting horse. Mallory arrives unexpectedly at Heartland, which has Amy and Jack questioning the real reason for the surprise visit. Meanwhile, Lou is upset to learn that her future plans with Mitch may be in jeopardy. S10, Ep14 19 Feb. When Amy works with a chuck wagon horse she discovers an impediment that could put the entire team in danger and change the dynamics of a prominent chuck wagon family. Meanwhile, everybody at Heartland deals with sleep deprivation as Lou and Peter desperately try to get their baby to sleep at night. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der kanadischen Dramaserie Heartland – Paradies für Pferde, sortiert nach der kanadischen Fernsehserie umfasst derzeit 13 Staffeln mit Episoden und einen Fernsehfilm. Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenguide der kanadischen Serie Heartland - Paradies für Pferde mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Episoden. Heartland - Paradies für Pferde Staffel 11 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der Staffel von Heartland - Paradies für Pferde für. Der Heartland - Paradies für Pferde Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Heartland - Paradies für Pferde in der Übersicht.
Heartland Episodenguide