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Yamato 2202

Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol.3 DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato ist ein Anime des Studios»XEBEC«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Space Battleship Yamato. Die Yamato und ihre Besat Blu-ray. Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol.3 Blu-ray im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen.

Star Blazers 2202 - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol.3

Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato ist ein Anime des Studios»XEBEC«mit dem Hauptgenre Abenteuer. Beschreibung: Space Battleship Yamato. Raumschlachtschiff Yamato Wave Experiment Schiff Ginga 1/ Bandai Spirits Beschreibung Bedingung: neu Marke: Bandai-Geister Modellnummer. Entdecken Sie Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol. 1 und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung.

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Deutsch, Japanisch Untertitel: Deutsch. Deutsch, Japanisch Untertitel: Deutsch. Digipack im Schuber. Angefangen 23 Abgeschlossen 77 Pausiert Silent Witness Mediathek Abgebrochen 6 Lesezeichen 89 Desinteressiert 13 Favoriten 2.
Yamato 2202 Estimated between Mon. Anime Anime. Elsewhere, Zwordar orders the White Comet to warp to Mars Defence Line. In the original Yamato 2 series, I believe you guys hypothesis the heavy automation of the Andromeda led to her destruction when in crashed into Gatlantis. But in Yamato , Andromeda gets even more automated during the refit to the point she only needs a single crewmember to run her. Similar to the USS Vengeance from Star Trek Into Darkness. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Space Battleship Yamato at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. In , three years after the Gamillas invasion of the Solar system, the people in the Solar System are finally at peace. The Earth 's biosphere has been restored with the Cosmo Reverse System brought by the Yamato at the end of Space Battleship Yamato The newest model arrived on this day in two forms: a single green version and a double green/white version in a slightly deeper box. The white version, as seen in Chapter 3, is the command ship belonging to Mazer. However, the model kit is solid white and does not incorporate the blue/grey tones. Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors ㎜ 1/ Die-Cast Gimmick Model. $ $ Free shipping. All materials originally posted at the Yamato official site. Space Battleship Yamato. Yamato brought the Cosmo Reverse System home from Iscandar, which restored the global environment as it was before the Garmillas invasion of the solar system. After finishing its important task, Yamato was enshrined in a submarine dock as a memorial ship, but under the Earth Federal Government’s new. 6/2/ · お待たせしました~Author: 名なしチャンネル. Star Blazers , in Japan als Space Battleship Yamato Warriors of Love bekannt, ist eine japanische Science-Fiction-Animationsfilmserie von Xebec und die Fortsetzung von Star Blazers: Space. Entdecken Sie Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol. 1 und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Bandai Model Kit Yamato Space Battleship 1/, bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato: Drei Jahre sind vergangen, seit das legendäre Raumschiff Yamato und ihre Crew von ihrer.
Yamato 2202

Voice: Kazusa Amagai. Member of the 7th Space Cavalry Regiment. She made contact with Yamato to mount a rescue operation. Version 2 : She is appointed deputy commander in the Telezart landing operation, leading the troops while secretly thinking many of them would easily give up their lives and she would have to go on alone.

Voice: Yoshigai Kiyoto. A member of the Space Cavalry former 7th regiment and a professional in space combat using mobile armor.

He likes gambling more than anyone else in the regiment, but never has a winning percentage. A member of the Space Cavalry former 7th regiment. The biggest man in the Space Cavalry.

A gentle giant who likes small wildflowers. His principle is not to act before speaking, but he seldom speaks. Serves as second in command under Saito.

He has excellent snap judgment and the full confidence of Saito, but is killed in a suicide attack by Gatlantis soldiers.

His mobile armor is marked with the number Voice: Eriko Nakamura. Yamato engineering officer. Displays a special talent for linguistics.

She was in charge of Navigation at the Earth Defense Headquarters Central Command Center, but decided to join Yamato in its new journey.

Version 2: After being dispatched to the time fault with Niimi and Yamazaki, she became involved in the construction of Ginga under the command of Saki Todo.

Voice: Motoki Takagi. Version 1: 22 years old. A young man with a friendly disposition who is tough and skilled when performing harsh intelligence missions.

Version 2: He was formally married to Yuria Misaki and became engaged in the construction of Wave-Motion Experimental Ship Ginga.

Voice: Aya Uchida. Yamato ship personnel. She took the voyage to Iskandar as the youngest of the crew, nurturing love with Toru Hoshina along the way.

After returning to Earth, she devoted herself to reconstruction as a civilian. When Yamato launched, she helped the task force and stayed behind on Earth.

Version 2: She married Hoshina and together they engaged in the construction of Ginga in the time fault. Her name is now Yuria Hoshina.

Voice: Moriya Satomi. Even during the hardest battles, she displays incredible talent in analyzing every situation while smoothing her beautiful black hair.

Voice: Ise Fumihide. He is older than Kodai and Shima, but maintains a friendship with both. He was in charge of food and supplies management during the long journey to Iscandar.

He is beloved by the crew with his warm and gentle personality. He hates large insects. Voice: Ryuichi Kijima.

Tactical division officer. Although he is modest, he is a competent officer who has the full confidence of both Kodai and Nanbu.

Voice: Daisuke Hirakawa. Second in command of the Yamato Air Corps. His easygoing manner and long hair gives him the look of a careless person, but he willingly undertakes all hardships.

Voice: Yuya Chikaki. Has a cheerful but tough personality. He was once the youngest member of the Air Corps, now serves as a big brother to the rookie pilots.

At over 1. Voice: Keisuke Koumoto. A rookie pilot of the Lunar Aviation Corps. Assigned at the center of the young flight corps, he has great admiration and respect for Kato.

There is something that shines in his workmanship. Version 2 : In the Telezart landing operation, he is selected to fly the Cosmo Tiger II warp booster, and is seriously wounded in battle.

He hears the voice of Teresa as he wanders the border of life and death. Voice: Takayuki Sugo. He was a brilliant and determined tactician.

A man who, better than most, realized the foolishness of war and how precious and difficult it is to maintain peace. After his death, a shrine was built in his honor in the outskirts of the capital city.

For those who served on Yamato , he is still an unwavering spiritual pillar. Voice: Masashi Ebara. Captain of the Earth Federation Space Fleet flagship Andromeda.

He served as captain of the former Allied Space Fleet flagship Kirishima, host to fleet commander Admiral Okita.

Although he is an optimist, he regards the future of Earth with a dry sense of realism. Voice: Unsho Ishizuka through Episode 20, then replaced by Naomi Kusumi.

Version 1 : 60 years old. Former commander of Space Defense General Corps. A war veteran who was best friend to the late Okita.

Version 2 : When communication was blocked by a Gatlantis surprise attack, it was unknown if he was alive or dead, but he was rescued by the Space Cavalry and taken on board Yamato.

He has a strong respect for Yamato as the ship for which Juuzo Okita gave his life, and decided to join the voyage to Telezart to see the future through.

He firmly declined the request to be appointed as captain, but after watching Kodai suffer severely from the Wave-Motion Gun problem.

Voice: Tatsuya Kamijou. He was the first to engage the great power of Gatlantis in its invasion of the solar system, supporting the battle until the arrival of the main fleet led by Yamanami.

He was a student at the space defense university with Yasuda and Yamanami, and could speak plainly to his comrades. Voice: Isao Sasaki.

In the Battle of Saturn, he directed the damaged Apollo Norm to rescue Andromeda from being captured by the super gravity of the comet city empire, and his ship was scattered in the battlefield.

Design note: this character is modeled on Shuichi Yasuda, the president of a Yamato sponsor, the Japan office of Under Armour.

The image at right was posted on Twitter in June by Yamato fan Wandaban. Voice: Masaru Ikeda also appeared in Yamato 2 and Yamato III. Captain of the second Andromeda -class ship Aldebaran.

Voice: Toshihiko Kojima. Commander in Chief, Earth Federation Defense Army. Despite being in a position to direct the reconstruction of Earth and the expansion of its defense capabilities, he still questions the wisdom in its methodology.

Voice: Tessho Genda. Executive Officer, Earth Federation Defense Army. Voice: Ayahi Takagaki. What future does she and her crew look toward?

Voice: Tomoyo Kurosawa. Voice: Megumi Hayashibara. She treats the crew with a severity that shows not even a hint of her original gentle personality.

Voice: Arisa Komiya. She always pushes herself to do her absolute best as an officer, a scientist, and a woman. It takes command of Ginga when announcing the G Plan, and can also take full autonomous control of the ship with no need for crew operation.

Voice: Youji Mikimoto. Voice: Hashi Takaya. A researcher from Earth, fascinated with ancient ruins of the Akerius civilization. In his exchanges made with Garmillas, he learned of the existence of nearby ruins and was eager to investigate.

While staying at Planet Eleven, he was caught in the Gatlantis surprise attack and became part of the group of refugees taken aboard Yamato.

Voice: Yuko Kaida. She has also boarded Yamato as part of the group of refugees. Version 2 : She was taken on board Yamato with the refugees and her medical qualifications allowed her to become Dr.

However, there are mysteries behind her behavior. Version 3 : Her true identity is a Gatlantean operative. Version 4: After her identity was revealed, she lost her link with Zordar and became a captive on board Yamato.

Voice: Masaki Terasoma. Garmillas Empire ambassador to Earth. He is a thoughtful person with the appearance of a civil servant who makes full use of strong-arm diplomacy to grasp global trends.

Voice: Hiroshi Kamiya. Version 1 : Garmillas Empire military officer, an attache to Earth. In response to a command from Varel, he investigates the Yamato crew.

He excels in physical ability and is a first-class pilot. Usually taciturn, on the occasion when he does open his mouth, he is acerbic and does not mince words.

Who is Klaus Keyman? Version 3: An Imperial Garmillas military officer residing on Earth. His real name is Ranhart Dessler.

He inherited the blood of the Dessler clan and is in fact the nephew of Abeldt Dessler, but was held down for a long time.

His current actual position is as an investigator for the Garmillas Security Intelligence Bureau. Keyman continued to deceive Susumu Kodai to fulfill his original purpose, but encountered Abeldt Dessler himself at Telezart.

Would he take the hand of a family member and save Planet Garmillas from falling? Or would he kill Dessler? Voice: Koichi Yamadera.

However, his fate was changed utterly by the space battleship Yamato on its voyage to Iscandar. He lost his political power, failed at his dream of a great union of Garmilas and Iscandar, and finally suffered defeat when he faced Yamato in a final showdown aboard his command ship Deusuler.

His life vanished into hyperspace… However, Dessler lived. Gaining the favor of Gatlantis, he once again stands before Yamato.

What thoughts are in his heart, and what is it that is reflected in his eyes? Voice: Kazuhiko Inoue. Grand Duke. Voice: Takeshi Kusao. Voice: Masako Ikeda.

Mother of Mattheus and Abeldt. A large fleet of Gatlantis warships have warped out over Brumis. They begin taking a large cone shape above the planet.

The Yamato, trapped underground, devises a plan of escape. Analyzer, the Yamato's Autonomous Unit, along with Shiro Sanada discern that the cone shaped fleet is a large gun, aimed at Earth.

With no other choice, the Yamato launches, and against the promise of Juzo Okita, fires the wave motion gun, disabling the fleet.

The Yamato leaves Brumis and heads to the planet Stravaze, where it plans to link with a Garmillan fleet that will take the civilians back to Earth.

During the exchange of ships, they come under attack by rebel Garmillan forces, seeking to destroy the former ruler, Desslers, shadow from Garmillas.

In a Akerius ruin on Stravaze, Gatlantis Emperor Zwordar explains how he will force Kodai to choose the mass lives of the civilians, or Mori Yuki, his love.

The artificial body detonates, but Hajime Saito, one of the Cosmo Marines, saves Kodai from the explosion. Kodai is torn between which ship to save, and which to sacrifice.

Yuki offers herself as sacrifice. The Yamato uses the Wave Motion Gun and collapses the rift, saving all lives.

After escaping the near tragedy of Stravaze, the Yamato resumes course to Telezart. En-route, what seemingly appear to be fireflies begin to float around and into the Yamato.

The crew, in a trance-like state, capture these fireflies and keep them in containers around the ship. This sends the crew into a hyper-emotional state, which makes them act more irrationally.

With the help of Keyman, they are able to neutralize the infestation. The Gatlantis fleet at Brumis gives chase to the Yamato, bent on revenge.

He then hunts down the Yamato, using long-range missiles to send them on a particular planned path. The Yamato warps into a sub-dimension, one born of a dying star.

Dessler uses his Wave Motion gun to try and destroy Yamato; however, they ride the energy like a wave and use it to escape.

The Yamato is ambushed by the White Comet, Gatlantis's homeworld. The ship is pulled into the Comet, seemingly by unnatural forces. The silver priestess of Gatlantis, Sabera, resonates with a sleeper-agent of a similar design, which causes her mind to crash.

Zworder murders Sabera, and allows Yamato to escape. Arriving at Telezart, the Kodai and the crew devise a plan to punch through the Gatlantis fleet blockading the world.

Using a warp booster plane and mechanized units, they jump behind enemy lines and destroy the rear-guard. The main Gatlantis force uses a specialized missile to destabilize Yamato.

With the mechanized units holding the Yamato, Kodai shows his resolve and fires the Wave Motion Gun, destroying the Gatlantis fleet. The Gatlantis have a ground assault force, which begins to attack Yamato, who pulls back to a safe range.

Some mechanized units head to ground to establish a landing zone. The onslaught is heavy, until Saito drops a few large asteroids on the enemy tank brigade, forcing them into close combat.

With the enemy forces destroyed, Telezart fully reveals itself. Teresa reads through Desslers mind, dredging up old memories from a time long passed.

Kodai sneaks up behind him, intent on ending him for good. Keyman arrives minutes later, wanting to find out the truth. It is revealed that he himself is a Dessler, and nephew to Albelt Dessler.

Keyman turns his gun on Kodai and knocks him unconscious. The Bouquet of Two Desslers" "Saraba teresa yo! Keyman finds himself questioning his choices, and goes back to Teresa to seek guidance.

Albelt also finds that he himself requires answers, and also seeks Teresa's counsel, even if he does not necessarily want it. Keyman, now having a new purpose, frees the captives aboard Dessler's ship and flees back to the Yamato.

Gatlantis have begun their second phase of invading the Solar System, by sending an advanced force to Saturn. The UNCF fleet moves to defend Saturn, but are slowly overwhelmed.

On Earth, the President of Terra declares open war with Gatlantis. Admiral Yamanami, in charge of Andromeda, takes his fleets and counter-attacks against Gatlantis.

Just as Gatlantis prepares to slaughter the Terran fleet, Wave Motion Gun shots crash through Saturn's rings and destroy a portion of the Gatlantis fleet.

Terran ships jump through the rocks and begin their assault, as more de-warp into the system. Before the fleets can fight for too long, the White Comet jumps into Saturn and destroys a chunk of it.

The Wave Motion fleet scattered, the Yamato attempts to use the Wave Motion Gun to disable the White Comet, but are instead knocked out of commission and dragged into the white abyss.

The Space Battleship Ginga, a Yamato class battleship, begins counter-attack operations against Gatlantis.

Gatlantis attempt to thwart Ginga and her fleet, but are ultimately wiped out. Meanwhile, Yamato has crashed on a world within the White Comet, and the crew are exploring the ancient ruins on the planet.

Kodai and Keyman have departed Yamato in search for answers. They stumble across ancient ruins, in which an old AI is guarding vital information about Gatlantis.

The AI takes over Analyzers body, and wishes to speak to the last human of this world. They take the AI to Toko Katsuragi, the Gatlantis spy, who is pure blood.

Elsewhere, Zwordar orders the White Comet to warp to Mars Defence Line. Katsuragi tells the AI to reveal everything about the planet, and Gatlantis.

It is revealed to Kodai and the crew that Gatlantis are artificial, and that they have a major kill switch right under their leaders feet. Zwordar orders the planet Yamato is on to be destroyed.

At the Mars Defence Line, Admiral Yamanami with an upgraded Andromeda, fights through hordes of enemy ships in an attempt to reach the centre of the White Comet.

He sees that Yamato is alive, and using his ship as a sacrifice, rescues Yamato. Other major changes are that the cosmo radar at the top of the command tower was converted to a large-scale high-dimensional fine radar, and catapults to launch fightercraft were relocated from Ginga to the first hanger for a total of four.

A battleship mounted with a Wave-Motion Engine, built as the flagship of Earth Federation aerospace fleet.

Its primary characteristic is the concentrated twin Wave-Motion Gun at the bow which fires Wave-Motion energy in a dispersion form that can strike a large number of targets simultaneously.

Other than the first battleship Andromeda , two sister ships were constructed: AAA-2 Aldebaran and AAA-4 Achilles. Length m Main machine: Dimensional Wave-Motion engine x 1 Auxiliary machine: Kelvin impulse engine x 4 Prime weapon: Dimensional Wave-Motion radiation discharger Dispersion Wave-Motion Gun Sub-space torpedo launcher x 4 Conning tower protection shock field cannon x 3 Six-barrel multi-launch lateral beam cannons for close combat x 2.

About the Andromeda class: besides the new ship Andromeda , four sister ships were built in the Andromeda class. Ships two and four are battleships, three and five are carriers.

The second is Aldebaran , the third is Apollo Norm , the fourth is Achilles and the fifth is Antares. Among the four new Andromeda sister ships, two were built as carrier types the third and fifth ships.

A hangar for the launch and landing of carrier-based aircraft was added behind the bridge. It carries a maximum of Cosmo Tiger IIs or Cosmo Falcons.

Linear catapults allow the simultaneous launch of 24 craft at the right and left. The first battleship Andromeda was subjected to emergency repair and large-scale remodeling in the time fault factory.

It became impossible to warp, so two Dreadnought-class battleships were attached to its sides by gravity anchors, and a return to Earth was carried out via trans-warp.

Like the Dreadnought class, the destroyed Wave-Motion Guns at the bow were enhanced by adding a splitter to the muzzles that strengthened them into a quadruple-spread Diffusion WMGs.

The formerly manned ship was reborn as the prototype of a high-mobility combat system with complex autonomous navigation. To avoid the risk of deploying this weapon in an unmanned operation, one crew member was appointed at the opinion of Captain Yamanami.

Several identical ships were built, and the YF unmanned Andromeda fleet was reorganized under this new Andromeda-Kai commanded by Yamanami himself.

It was deployed into battle at the absolute defense zone in Mars airspace, and the single crewman needed reinforced space clothing in order to perform high-mobility combat.

Faced with the unimaginable military might of Gatlantis, the Earth Federation decided on mass production of a single-class battleship, creating the Black Andromeda.

They are armed with the same artillery weapons as the Andromeda class, but do not carry fighters.

High-mobility nozzles have been added to the hull in various places, making possible the intense manueverability of a torpedo boat. The hull color is a unified black.

In order to cope with the unexpected scale of the enemy forces, the production of naval vessels was increased in the time fault factory, and Garmillas created a unified front with the Earth fleet.

Rather than the existing Guipellon-class multi-deck carrier, the fleet was strengthened by licensing the new ship of Earth, the Andromeda -class carrier.

There is no change to the basic structure of the Andromeda carrier, but electronic equipment for air traffic control, navigation systems, etc.

Four vessels were built in advance to organize a new carrier group, and Fomto Berger, who previously experienced fierce battle with Gatlantis, was appointed as the commander.

The ships are equipped with Debakke fighters, Dolcia torpedo planes, and the heavy bomber Galunt II with its Wave-Motion drill bullet.

The upper deck is protected by a Wave Barrier and warp is possible with the aircraft moored to the hull. The main battleship of the reorganized Earth Federation fleet.

They follow the basic design of the space battleship Kongo, mounting new engines with a Wave-Motion Core that enables warp navigation.

Its main gun is a 36 cm triple-barrel positron shock cannon with substantially reinforced output. It is equipped with a new style of space torpedo.

The fixed positron shock cannon in the bow has an increased caliber and firepower. The captain of second escort squadron ship number 47 Yuunagi is Susumu Kodai.

Length: m Prime weapon cm positron shock cannon x 1 36cm triple barrel positron shock cannon x 4. Torpedo launch tube x 8 Missile launching tube x A new engine model was installed in the former Murasame-type cruiser, and a defensive Wave-Motion Barrier has been enabled as with other ships.

They are deployed by space forces around the world, some with English names such as Saratoga and Defiant. Length m Prime weapon: 28cm positron shock cannon x 1 20cm positron shock cannon x 3.

Torpedo launch tube x 4. The assault space destroyer has been upgraded with a new engine, making possible more agile operation.

The main gun is equipped with two The new model also has space torpedoes. Length: 80m Primary weapon: One of the prototype aircraft competing as a next-generation tactical combat fighter.

Its fuselage has a biplane system that expands in order to load as many varied armaments as possible. Its extreme handling characteristics made it impractical for operation as a carrier-based aircraft, so it was rejected as being too complex.

Length: A new carrier-based attack fighter operated by the new Earth Federation fleet. Its standard high mobility equipment gives it more attack power than a Cosmo Falcon, dramatically improving its combat performance.

From the beginning, variation types were considered to expand their attack specialization, including double seats and triple seats with a gun turret added behind the cockpit.

Plans for electronic warfare are also in development. Both arms have built-in cannons and the shoulders are equipped with pulse-laser guns.

Its multiple hard points can be equipped with aircraft armament. It flies via high-powered thrusters on the back, and high-speed movement on the ground is allowed by crawler units at the end of each leg.

The time fault was born as a byproduct of the Cosmo Reverse System brought back by Yamato , an anti-gravity singularity in which time runs ten times faster than the outside world.

The Earth Federal Government utilizes that separate space as a top secret munitions factory, deciding on a huge increase in the number of ships equipped with Wave-Motion Guns.

However, because it is not possible to station management personnel there, this Dreadnought-class battleship, equipped with a new Wave Engine, was diverted as a control machine inside the fault factory.

In order to enable life support inside the fault, its dimensional intertial canceller uses warp acceleration to maintain the passage of standard Earth time on board.

The bridge is expanded over the normal type with its windows blocked and external information displayed on screens.

Yamato 2202
Yamato 2202 Primary weapon: Flame strike gun x 1 Large bow turret x 1 Main gun turret x 3 Secondary turret x 2 Anti-aircraft gun x 16 Torpedo tube x 9 Nazca-class battle carrier The main aircraft carrier of the Gatlantis task force. Version 3 : Her true identity is a Gatlantean operative. He now works with Sanada in the effort to rebuild Yamato with Yamazaki as his right-hand man. Currently serving in the Science Bureau, she is engaged in analysis of top secret Musik Rassel. Honestly thought that he and his blue battleship would be the first of the five Andromedas to kick the bucket! Under these high gravity conditions, its Oppenau Nachrichten became a Webmail.Strato.Com and it Düsseldorfer Stadttor forced into a hard struggle. The Yamato warps to Earth, just ahead of the White Comet. Mina Ichinose Voice: Tomoyo Kurosawa 20 years old. Version 2 : The great Spiegelbilder who leads the Imperial Gatlantis warrior nation. Sub-space torpedo launcher x 4 Conning tower protection shock field cannon x 3 Staffel 10 Modern Family multi-launch lateral beam cannons for close combat x 2 Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-2 Aldebaran Vanguard armament spaceship AAA-4 Achilles About the Andromeda class: besides the Düsseldorfer Stadttor ship Andromedafour sister ships Lokführer Henschel built in the Andromeda class. Voice: Hiroshi Tsuchida. No design based on a traditional oceangoing Die Dolmetscherin Imdb could do that.

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